Launched in Q4 2019, our mission at ampd is to authentically understand digital-age customers through unique technology and unparalleled expertise. We unearth genuine behavioural data and insights to help empower brands with customer-centric strategies and actionable business incomes.

Across the 12 markets in which we operate, ampd leverages more than 60,000 passively measured panel members with two SaaS based products – ampd Vision and ampd Pulse – while providing customized research to our clients across a variety of sectors including Streaming VOD, Content, Advertising, Telecoms and more.

Our clients include leading global internet and technology brands, Hollywood and Asian content studios, advertising agencies, telcos and pay-TV operators. ampd won the Best International Video Media Research Award at the 2023 UK Mediatel Media Research Awards, which recognizes organizations driving innovation in research.


Passive Audience Measurement

Our opt-in privacy compliant panels collect digital consumption across smartphones, tablets & computers, delivering our clients robust performance video reporting.

Survey Based Insights

Our expertise in conducting media & content insights is unparalleled in Asia Pacific and key markets in Europe, Middle East, and Latin America.

Hybrid Data Insights

Using our “big data” passive panels we can trigger surveys that go direct to your target audience based on the actual behaviour you want to understand.


Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and United Kingdom.

Android + iOS; Windows + OSX (market mix available upon request); CTV to launch in Jan. 2023.



Provides VOD category benchmarking with  KPIs for all VOD players including MAUs, Subscribers MAUs, DAUs, Demographics and Consumption by Tier.

Offers VOD content benchmarking with analysis of supply & demand across content libraries, content travelability and key drivers of subscriber acquisition & retention.

Enable VOD platforms to acquire and create content as well as launch new products and services.

Tracks marketing investment with Digital Marketing Assets tools to evaluate share of voice.

Reporting available via AMPD Software, Dashboards & Quarterly Reports.


Monitors trends on data consumption by category, consumer segment, geography and life stage.

Identifies content consumption trends while consumers are on-the-move vs in the home.

Deep dives into data consumption by telco brand and benchmarks services by data traffic.

Provides each carrier’s consumer consumption profile, helping to build winning promotions and bundles.


Provides understanding of what drives “hits” and “misses” to ROI on content investment.

Supports the production “green-light” process to mitigate financing risk.

Identifies emerging themes and talent to attract new audiences.

Conjoint analysis to drive new services.

Understand brand, pricing & packaging for new products.


Measures campaign exposure across all digital platforms.

Tracks category activity and spending by advertiser.

Independently audits and validates campaign performance.

Measures campaign impact & effectiveness based on actual exposure.



We Capture All Digital Activity!

Once installed on smartphones, tablets & computers our passive meter collects all the digital activities and converts the data into usable datasets delivered via dashboards and advanced analytics platforms


Understand VOD Service Catalogues

In all markets measured the content catalogues are audited monthly and presented to clients in user-friendly dashboards:
  • Shared content
  • Licenced & Orginals
  • Production Companies
  • Country of Origin


OTT Operator Metrics

  • Streaming minutes
  • Reach
  • Paying subscribers
  • MAUs
  • WAUs
  • DAUs
  • NPS
  • Leading content consumed by country of origin
  • Highlights of first viewed title consumption
  • Top genres in terms of supply and demand
  • Top programs and studios

Market Metrics

  • Total streaming minutes
  • Total OTT consumption by genre & country of origin
  • Total paying subscribers
  • Subscribers by monthly income and demographic
For more details contact Lavina Bhojwani.