2015 August

The lion’s share of online traffic by the end of the decade, in growth markets as well as developed economies.
31 August 2015
The start of a regional spending spree in sports and entertainment.
28 August 2015
A majority stake buys a mobile video platform with carrier relationships across six countries.
26 August 2015
A US$80 million bet on a new business model for digital cable.
24 August 2015
Momentum shifts up a gear in Southeast Asia, with local forays in entertainment, kids and news.
20 August 2015
Video highlights from James Murdoch’s keynote at APOS 2015.
19 August 2015
The TV business is changing, but it’s a slow burn in terms of money.
18 August 2015
As Media Business Asia takes a summer break, we offer you a Review and Countdown of our Top 10 viewed stories and videos from across the last 12 months.
17 August 2015
Windowing and territorial rights are anachronisms, says Netflix content chief.
17 August 2015
A plan to bring broadband within reach of everyone.
14 August 2015
A mixed picture of legal and illegal behavior.
14 August 2015
Extends autoplay to most major Asian markets.
14 August 2015
Part of a concerted effort to accelerate digital transition for Malaysia’s biggest publisher.
14 August 2015
Older people are less keen on watching video on PCs, tablets and phones.
14 August 2015
New edicts are widening the gap between bigger and smaller channels.
07 August 2015
Broadband and free satellite to roll, with potential backing from two strategic investors.
07 August 2015
Sell-off will push digital and international plans to the fore.
07 August 2015