Advisory & Consulting

MPA provides advisory and consulting services to a wide range of players across the media and telecoms industry. Our expertise supports IPOs, M&A, planning and partnership activities across the ecosystem. We provide the data, due diligence, independent research, insights and strategies that help companies achieve their objectives. Our services include:

Market Deep Dive & Strategy

MPA’s local market expertise provides clients with detailed country-level insights across media and telecoms, tracking key commercial and regulatory dynamics with relevant due diligence and strategy recommendations. Clients leverage our local networks to engage with potential partners and create value.

Benchmarking Studies

MPA undertakes competitive benchmarking on costs, revenues and market share for companies operating in advertising, broadcasting, content production, online video, sports, telecoms and numerous other sectors.

Corporate Strategy

MPA uses its deep strategic and operational knowledge of Asia Pacific markets, companies and operators to support corporate strategies driving growth. These include (1) Entry into new markets; (2) Expanded partnerships; (3) Roll-out of new products and services; and (4) Optimized growth, revenues and costs.

Due Diligence

MPA provides commercial due diligence to assist companies investing in the TMT sector. Our services include: (1) Evaluation of management teams, business plans and financial plans; (2) Asset appraisals, corporate valuations and financial modelling; (3) Benchmarking of competition (revenues, costs and capex) across key industry verticals; and (4) Analysis of regulatory landscape.


MPA is the leading Independent Consultant for public and private TMT transactions in Asia Pacific. Over the past 20 years, we have played key IC roles in more than 30 equity and debt transactions in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.

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